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One-Minute SURVEY:

How long have you owned digital currency?

What approach have you taken with digital currency so far?

Are you familiar with the fastest growing segment of digital currency called Defi, or Decentralized Finance?

Are you familiar with any of these ideas about digital currency? (Check all that apply)

In your circle of friends, how often does the conversation of crypto and investing come up?

Would you be more inclined to invest in digital currency if there was a way to have more of the trading handled for you?

What stage of evolution do you believe the overall digital currency market is in?

Using the U.S. population as a barometer, what percentage of people have said they plan on investing in crypto in the next 12 months?

Do you believe you can make money in crypto when the market is going down?

Are you familiar with the fastest growing segment of crowdfunding called equity crowdfunding, wherein individuals who contribute towards a project can receive profits, equity, and income?

If you could contribute to a smart contract crowdfund for as little as $100 and receive ongoing profits, stock equity, and real income with all the transparency and guarantees that blockchain provides, would you want more information?

If I send you a 3-minute video about an equity crowdfunding project that is backing the most advanced financial technology projects in the market and that rewards every contributor with digital currency profits, stock equity, and ongoing income, will you take 3 minutes to watch it?

We would like to thank you for providing us with useful information, in helping us to best serve you.